Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Ode to Running

It's hit and miss. One day I feel like I am giving my life and my energy to exactly what I was meant to. The next day, I feel like I am wasting my time and still have not figured out my purpose. On those days, when heavy questions form ominous, dark clouds over my mind and all seems like confusion, the only remedy I have is to run. It's incredible the difference an hour-long run can make on my state of mind.

Everything stirring in my head starts to settle and become manageable. My world becomes stable again. By the time I finish running, I am again confident I am on the right path and I can believe the world is working for me. Dark clouds give way to light.

Many days the only thing I see through from finish to start, the only objective I manage to complete, is a run. It's often the only action to which I can concentrate my abundant energy. Everything else remains open-ended and vague.

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Anonymous said...

Everything in our life happens for a reason, it is how we grow into who we become. However, it never stops and we will continue to grow forever....not sure that there is a right or wrong place for you. Maybe it is all about where you are at at that time. Love ya!